Charlie Boorman - Birdwood Motor Museum - April 2015

Guest Speakers

Club meeting 4/3/14 - Olly Simpson, Red Bull Rookie 2013-2014.

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Road Run

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Classic Run

Barrossa Valley June 2013

Kernewek Lowender, Kadina May 2013

Bay to Birdwood 30th September 2012 (pre-1955)

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Dirt Ride

Port Germein 2012

Port Germein 2011

The weekend camp at Port Germein was a great success with 11 riders that had a mixture of trials an enduro bikes,
the conditions  were  perfect after the recent rains the country side was at its best.

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24 Hour Trials

24 Hour Trial 2023

24 Hour Trial 2022

24 Hour Trial 2019

View report by Otto.

24 Hour Trial 2018

24 Hour Trial 2016

24 Hour Trial 2015

24 Hour Trial 2014

View report by Otto.

24 Hour Trial 2013

View report by TJ.

Videos from the 24hr trial here.

24 Hour Trial 2012

This year we had Control 18, located just South of Truro.

As we all get older, it’s getting physically harder to man these controls but many of us would not miss this very unique and special weekend.

Our camp had all the creature comforts, and whereas back in the 60s we used to drink a 10 gallon keg of beer by 10pm, nowadays barely a dozen stubbies were consumed. Now we all seem to concentrate more on the food and coffee, and keeping warm.

It is amazing how anyone can ride a bike for so long and in such tough conditions, especially during the night. Six of our club members entered this year’s 24Hr Trial, and congratulations to David Schwarz and Paul Collins for completing the event.

We have been together for a long time now, and it’s great to see so many club members and their children and grandchildren coming along and having fun. Many thanks to everyone for helping out (especially the girls, young and old) and for their enthusiasm which together made this year’s control a success.

View report by Paul Rumsey.

24 Hour Trial 2011

I would like to thank all club members for thier efforts at this years 24 trial, it was a well run control despite the difficult weather condition.

A special thanks to Otto and Chris for the catering and logistical support they provided to 30 club members over the weekend.

Congratulations for their 100% finishing rate in the open section to JMCC riders Paul Rumsey and David Schwartz

Paul Collins
President JMCC

Cold people

24 Hour Trial 2010

Juventus had control 16 this year, half way between Truro and  Kapunda in the rolling hills. Our control was at the end of a fast section so the riders were coming in quickly.

It was all hands on deck to put up the club tent, but once up it provided much needed shelter from the elements; we had a good attendance with over 30 people at the control and managed to share the control keeping duties.

All Juventus riders that entered, finished - 100% success rate.

Congratulations to Adrian Harry, Brian Gallasch, Jason Werner and Dwayne Rumsey.

A few photos taken at the event are below.

24 Hour Trial 2009

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