Lynton Carle Ride Day




Thanks again to Lynton and Lesley for inviting the Juventus Club Members to their property for the annual social day.

Every year they put in a big effort to make everyone welcome with different activities for all age groups.

The big shed served as the commune and lunch room, and Lynton had his 3 dirt bikes lined up outside and ready for anyone to ride on the revamped loop in the paddock. Almost everyone brought their own bikes too, joining in with young and old riding all day.

There was lots of fun on the tree swing and the flying fox, a walk to see the old gold mine and meeting with the farm animals, while the local wildlife kept on the other side of the fence all day. A tractor ride for the youngest member and collecting fire wood for the bonfire after the evening BBQ made it a most relaxing and enjoyable day.

-Otto Müller

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